Professionals from both the nutraceutical and gaming industries teamed up with one mission in mind—create the perfect HIGH PERFORMANCE NOOTROPICS COMPOUND supplement for gaming, esports or anyone who has trouble concentrating for long periods of time. Most big brand energy drinks do not have the cognitive effects of nootropics and are nothing more than flavored up caffeine water. BRAINZ UP gives you a competitive edge with nootropics. Long story short, that’s awesome for you!


Chances are you’ve never heard the word. That’s alright, there’s no vocabulary tests. Yet. At BRAINZ UP we think it’s time people knew of nootropics.

A NOOTROPIC is a supplement that improves your mental function. This can mean improved creativity, enhanced focus or just a general improvement in mood and motivation.

Until recently, nootropics were used predominantly by corporate executives, Silicon Valley technophiles, or biohackers looking to unlock the hidden powers of the human mind. These days, nootropics are more mainstream, sought out not only for their ability to enhance productivity, focus, and drive, but also for their ability to help stave off cognitive decline.

One of the most prominent sects to embrace all things nootropics are GAMERS.

And, when you consider the monumental amounts of brain power gamers invest into their craft, it’s easy to understand why nootropics have become so appealing to the market. We’re out to help gamers reach a new level of performance, both through our awesome, health-conscious product and through the hacks, routines and habits we grab from the masters. Brainz Up is a high quality formula of some of the world’s most renowned ingredients for brain health and performance. It is the first nootropic specifically developed to meet the unique needs of top-level gamers.

Gamers deserve a better, healthier source of pure focus and jitterfree energy. Making BRAINZ UP a capsule lets us offer that. It provides a complex, healthy pick-me-up and a stable stream of energy, without the jitters and crashes caused by sugar. Paired with the benefits it provides for your mind, memory and stress control, BRAINZ UP goes far beyond what other products can offer.


We made it our lifelong mission to introduce the highest quality nootropics to the world of gaming and esports.

AKA Cognitive Enhancers are smart ingredients designed to improve mental performance for gaming or everyday life

Brainz up products are healthy and safe alternative to energy drinks, pre-workouts and other energy product. Our product contains NO caffeine or cheap stimulants that increase heart rate or can adverse side effect. Brainz Up is sugar-free, zero carbs, zero calories, and without fillers. We only use healthy, effective and research backed ingredients to provide the safest and most intense experience possible.

Innovative energy ingredients you won’t find in your normal coffee or energy drink from the convenience store

Our Brainz Up formula have been tried and tested by gamers for gamers. Our products are recommend by content creators, streamers, professional eSports teams and the online community.

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