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E-sports have gained popularity in the last few years with competitions being held on a regular basis. Gamers tirelessly work to hone their skills and using nootropics in Esports can help them increase their brain function. More specifically, nootropics help improve energy, learning ability, focus, alertness, and help prevent mental tiredness.

1.Nootropics make you play for a longer period of time

Fatigue is a natural and frustration part of gaming after about four or five hours. This can be a problem if you are trying to support a team or are getting to a critical point in the game. Nootropics can be used to help reduce both physical and mental fatigue during a long gaming session. It is also beneficial to stack nootropics in this situation to reduce anxiety.

We’ve all hit that point after 4 or 5 hours of non-stop gaming. Our eyes begin to get a little sore, our brain is a bit tired, and our performance begins to suffer. As a player, you probably already know how much this sucks. You don’t want to let your team down, and you don’t want to stop playing at a key moment.

Nootropics can directly delay both mental and physical fatigue.

Specifically, nootropics have been shown to reduce stress and exhaustion. They can help you play longer without sacrificing performance unlike of high caffeine doses who cause anxiety and crash. Anyone that has mastered a skill will tell you “practice makes perfect.” This saying holds true for video games as well. Nootropics enhance your ability to learn and remember new skills much quicker.

2. Nootropics improving accuracy

Further, the nootropic is also useful for improving accuracy. It works by increasing the key neurotransmitters responsible for alertness, focus, and attention span.This can make it significantly easier to maintain your focus during intense shootouts and get the kill.

3. Nootropics Can Speed Up Your Reaction Time

Video games are becoming increasingly more difficult and a big part of that is the higher skill levels of the players.

One of the main reason players use energy drink formula is that these players want to reduce their total reaction time as much as possible. Reaction time is everything !

Nootropics are well documented for there ability to increase energy levels, reaction time, and vigilance. You’ve probably already experienced caffeine’s effects from a regular cup of coffee or energy drink.

What many don’t know however is that caffeine is not the most potent supplement for gaming. The majority of companies use caffeine as the main ingredient for energy boost while there is greater potential by stacking it with other nootropics.

Brainz Up offer the best mix of nootropics who each ingredient work in synergy for make sure that you surpass your performance

4. Nootropics Can Lead
To Faster Decision Making

Popular competitive games require you to make difficult decisions in split-second time periods.

Good examples of this include the League of Legends or Fortnite video game. You might have to quickly decide which enemy to try and kill, or when to go into defences mode. If you’re playing sports video games like Madden, you need to be able to audible to a blitz in under a second based on your opponent’s offensive line changes. Video game decision making is difficult you have a fraction of a second to think.

Nootropics, such as the powerful Sulbutiamine, have indiciated the ability to increase decision making speed. Sulbutiamine acts upon the key neurotransmitter systems that are responsible for making intelligence decisions under pressure. The neurotransmitter systems responsible that control how quickly you process information and use that information to make a snap decision.Your brain is able to do this very quickly, especially with the right added ‘help’ like sulbutiamine.

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